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An employer-sponsored health and wellness incentive plan was Tammi Vaughn's entry point to better health and wellness in 2013. The plan began with a biometric screening which provided a baseline that included blood sugar, blood pressure, BMI (body mass index), height, weight, and cholesterol readings. A (green/healthy score) resulted in prizes and health premium discounts. Ever the calculating optimist, Tammi thoroughly reviewed the plan and developed a process for participants to reach the top-tiered Vitality Platinum 10,000 point status and maximum insurance discount. The 10K point plan was simple: Accumulate 10K steps per day (at least 5 days per week), run/walk/jog in at least one monthly 5K event (as part of the 5K run team Tammi founded), drink your daily recommended water intake, eat more vegetables and fruit. Tammi shared this information with various colleagues who got involved and began to get on board with this 'Cycle for Success'.


In August 2013, Tammi ran her first 5K event which led to the creation and circulation of an annual schedule containing monthly 5K events benefiting a wellness cause. Over a four-year period, the ASPIRE 5K run team grew to over 80 participants, participating in over 60 5K events and accumulated over 200 thousand Vitality points. 


Sparked by the success of the  ASPIRE 5K run team and focus on better health, these initiatives led to the creation of a Health & Wellness pillar in the African American employee empowerment group where Tammi served on the board as the Communications Officer. Serving in a dual role as Communications Officer /Health & Wellness Chairperson, Tammi organized and hosted several highly successful annual Health & Wellness fairs featuring vendors in close proximity of the hosting McKesson office location.


Even though organizational realignment resulted in Tammi's departure from McKesson, the Health and Wellness pillar still exists today.  Tammi brings the passion, leadership and determination plus over 15 years of management experience, combined with knowledge and skills acquired from Legacy Holistic Health Institute to her organization, ITT8KSAVILLAGE, LLC.



At ITT8KSAVILLAGE, LLC, each client is treated as an individual and receives support and encouragement while maneuvering through their holistic health and wellness journey.


The  journey begins with a 360 health and wellness consultation during which the client provides information to help plan their journey to better health and wellness. The 360 H &W consultation includes completion of a client intake form, a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis, and 8 Pillars of Support Assessment. At the end of the consultation, goals are established and the village partnership criteria set. 


The process for reaching set goals includes a 5 step plan:


  1. NAME IT (determine goals)

  2. CLAIM IT (articulate reason and take ownership of goals)

  3. CHAIN IT (complete consecutive days of taking steps to achieve goals)

  4. SUSTAIN IT (remain engaged holistically, i.e. mind, body, spirit toward goals)

  5. MAINTAIN IT (continue along the path to completion and enjoy the newly created holistic health and wellness practices)

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