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Feeling run down? Tired? Tired of being tired? Need clarity? Desire to connect with nature?


You have come to the right place! At ITT8KSAVILLAGE we offer health coaching, Reiki healing, public speaking, and Camping4Clarity retreats.


As Mahatma Gandhi said, it is health that is the real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver. With our help you can heal, gain clarity, and become the best version of yourself. If you want to gain material wealth, start with your health, then you have the wellness, energy and ability to focus.

It is a proven fact that human beings are social creatures, hence the name ITT8KSAVILLAGE. It DOES take a village to achieve optimal health. Let Tammi be a part of yours!

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Mind+Body+Spirit=YOUR Village: It takes a village to maintain optimal health and wellness.

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ITT8KSAVILLAGE, LLC provides support and encouragement from a holistic health and wellness perspective. Tammi is looking forward to helping others tap into their soul's calling by using her 8 Pillars of Support System. This perspective allows clients to examine life through occupational, physical, intellectual, environmental, spiritual, social, emotional, and financial lenses to discover improvement areas and set SMART goals for success.


Self-care is a very personal task. Do you know that self-care is essential for the health of YOUR village (mind+body+spirit)? As a health coach, there are programs and services available to help you.
Book a consultation if you would like to make your self care a priority in your life!


Making time to get away, connect with nature, and take a holistic look at your life has healing potential.  The #Camping4Clarity all-inclusive tent camping retreats is that opportunity. Add group dialogue to a nature setting, snacks, music, a campfire,  and an occasional movie; that's Campfire Conversations, an evening escape created to promote positivity and encourage safe engagement.


Having a powerful presence, passion for purpose, and ability to touch the heart and mind of the audience is a gift. That gift forged with corporate leadership, ministry, and health coaching training, and wisdom gained while navigating life experiences gives Tammi a voice of power to help make your event unforgettable.

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