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Campfire Conversations Recap

What started as a vision to provide a snapshot of one of my favorite parts of our camping weekends, conversations around the campfire, materialized into Campfire Conversations 'The Ladies Only Edition'!!!

The event was everything I hoped it would be! It was intimate, engaging, inspiring, comforting and filled my heart with joy. The conversation flowed naturally as if we were all friends. The subject matter was fitting for professional women of all ages. There were representatives from the late 20's through mid-50's, with such careers as educators, call center supervisors, corporate leadership, military, social work, therapists, and even a chef!

Chef Ameerah Watson provided some of the most delicious campfire food you could imagine. Give that sister aluminum fool, raw vegetables, spices, and heat she will give you culinary masterpieces. She prepared fire-roasted corn with vegan chipotle lime butter, silver turtles (fire-roasted Yukon potatoes w/ground turkey or vegan meat, onion, carrots, and spices), and for desert we built banana boats (chocolate, strawberries, nuts or coconut flakes wrapped in foil and roasted on the fire). Doesn't that sound divine? There was water and wine but the food stole the show!!!

Gifts! One way to show appreciation to people for supporting you, your business, and investing in your dream is to provide gifts. Yes there were very thoughtful gifts such as books provided by my awesome co-host SharRon Jamison, candles, coffee mugs, Itt8ksavillage t-shirts and hats, and a couple smores kit. No one left empty-handed, hungry, or uninspired.

In closing, we took a collective breath and performed a manifestation ceremony using the campfire. The event was special, sacred, and spiritual. I am confident testimonies will flow based on the level of energy, intentions set, and the praises that were lifted around that campfire.

The next edition of Campfire Conversations will be equally amazing!

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Shatakia Niles
Shatakia Niles
Aug 17, 2021

Congratulations on completing the mission successfully!! 👏

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