Juneteenth Celebration Recap

These videos provide an overview of the Cuthbert, GA Juneteenth Celebration for 2021. The weather forecast predicted isolated heavy rains; however, I was determined to uphold my commitment of attendance and participation as a speaker and offer Reiki services.

We made the drive (camper in tow) from Atlanta, GA to Cuthbert, GA and set up camp at City RV Resort, a local campground on the outskirts of town.

Arrival announcement -

Check out the POP-UP Energy Spa setup at Iris Gardens for the event -

Little did we all know that the isolated heavy rains would become a tornado watch then several tornadoes touching down throughout local towns.

Postponement and severe weather announcement -

The message I did not get the opportunity to share at the event was so strong on my heart that I had to get it out -

Response to the message proved that it was needed by a number of hearers. I am thankful for a platform where I can minister health and wellness to others.

It was a rough night in SW Georgia. A number of tornadoes actually touched down in several town. I was told by the campground owner that a tornado touched down two miles from the campground. I am grateful to report that we made it home safely and thankful for safe passage to and from the event, the people who were introduced to and are excited to experience energy healing, the connections made during the trip, and getting reconnected with the people of Cuthbert, GA.

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