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Camping With Tammi

Consider Tammi Vaughn, your adult camp liaison and onsite connoisseur of comfort camping. Itt8ksavillage, LLC's, CEO and Founder will provide the ultimate camping experience for solo campers, couples, groups, families, and organizations. ALL ARE WELCOME HERE. Where is here? Any campsite that Tammi configures as your portal to relaxation, natural pleasures, and fun!

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Why Camp with Tammi?

Camping is the perfect way to escape your day-to-day activities and relax. Camping provides a safe space to enjoy nature, connect with yourself or those camping with you.

Itt8ksavillage, LLC does the hard work, i.e. campsite setup and breakdown. All you have to do is (1) schedule your camping treat date, (2) select tent options, (3) choose from the list of amenities (sink, kitchen, shower, toilet, canopy, firewood, chairs, lanterns, sleeping bag, cot, air mattress, camping pad, fishing rod/bait, coolers w/ICE), and (4) show up at your Atlanta area campsite.

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Camping Tips

The number one concern when it comes to camping is BUGS. That is to be understood and is taken into consideration. Did you know there are natural ways to repel bugs? Did you know that bugs are repelled by a number of essential oils? Did you know that most of the perfumes and colognes word attract bugs?

To help reduce the chance of getting bitten by bugs, Itt8ksavillage, LLC provides insect barriers at each campsite. Additionally tips and recommendations are given to each camper on-site for added safety and comfort.

Each campground has comfort stations that have a toilet, sink, and shower for campers to use. Additionally each campsite has electricity,  running water, and is socially distanced from other campers and campsites.  Camping is a fun, safe, vacation option that is available to you.

All are welcome to enjoy this service!!!

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