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Are you hesitant to spend time alone with yourself?

I pose this question because so many people ask "What is there to do while you are camping?" My reply typically begins by asking what do you do when you are alone, not working, not watching television, and not using a mobile device?

That question usually results in eyeballs rolling up to the right. This physical reaction typically means that a person is 'searching for a response'. They are either thinking about an answer or thinking what I may want to hear. Several people that they would not know what to do spending time alone.

CampingWithTammi is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality self-time. My role in this curated experience is to hold space for my client, making sure they are safe and most of all comfortable. All you have to do is schedule your experience, make the payment, and show up! What happens there is totally up to you! We can talk, or not. We can listen to music or not. We can just hold space watching the campfire dance or observing the birds, squirrels, or turtles do their thing.... or not. You owe it to yourself to experience this level of tranquility, relaxation, and restoration.

My point is that doing nothing, spending some time with yourself, immersed in a safe, natural, comfortable setting is good. Give it a try! You will not be disappointed.

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