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Temporary Relocation

Life brings about changes almost as suddenly as the blink of an eye. As such, life brought a change to the Vaughn family. My wife and I relocated to Buffalo, NY earlier this month in support of her career goals.

We packed up clothes, a few comfort items, her home dialysis equipment and relocated to a fully furnished apartment community in downtown Buffalo! This move does not mean that I will no longer offer Camping4Clarity or CampingWithTammi services in GA. I actually hosted a GA retreat one week after the move.

Camping services are still available for GROUPS of 4 or more individuals. Reiki and health coaching services can be performed anywhere so continue to take advantage of those services by reaching out and scheduling sessions. Also be sure to order your signed copy of Nature Is My Healer here,which will be signed with a personal note and shipped USPS Priority Mail.

This move confirmed my resilience, zest for life, and love for my wife! Home is wherever she is and my home, our home, is here in Buffalo, NY for the next six months to a year. The message for each reader is: Home is where/what you make it. Having a strong sense of clarity, I am confident in that statement! I am also comfortable with the transition from the South to the North, mild temperatures to cold temperatures, and even less nature. The beauty is that I see nature in every tree, stalk of grass, cloud formation, snowflake, rain drop, puddle, and creature that I encounter. Nature Is My Healer! Being that nature is a Divine creation; the Divine created Nature to Heal ME! I embrace it and receive it.

Here are a few images of nature captured during our two-day drive from GA to NY. Enjoy!!


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