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Fear Factor

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

I am reminded of a divine encounter a few years ago at the top of Stone Mountain. I was sitting on the ground, admiring the sunrise, clouds, and diversity of people on top of the mountain. A group of ladies were walking by and taking pictures. I offered to take a picture of the group and they accepted my offer. We exchanged greetings, shared our names, laughed and the impromptu photo shoot began.

I proceeded to take a number of various angle shots, offered advice on the best areas with awesome backgrounds, and pose suggestions. They agreed with my suggestions and recommendations as we participated in this photo shoot on top of Stone Mountain with this Atlanta area GirlTrek group.

A suggestion to stand on one of the rocks for a photo was met by excitement from everyone in the group except one young lady. She indicated that she was afraid...Here is where the power of the Village stepped in. Her group members took turns taking photos on the rock to show her that there was nothing to fear. She was still NOT having it.

I walked up to her and asked why she was so hesitant to take a picture on the rock. She informed me of her fear as tears began to roll down her face. I asked her how could she come so far (UP the mountain) with FEAR of heights. She said that she was just walking and talking with her girls. I asked her to take a look over the edge with me as I held her hand and we walked over. She look and signed. I instructed her to breathe and reminded her that SHE CAN DO ALL THINGS....and she ended the verse that Christians know all too well.

I asked her to walk in faith with me and she and I stood atop the rock that she was so afraid of a few minutes earlier. Her friends yelled, clapped, laughed, and some even cried with her as she celebrated her release of that fear. She posed for a number of photos on that rock, empowered, invincible, and encouraged!

We all have something(s) that we fear at times. Remember that FEAR is all in your mind! When you face fears or difficulties in life, that is a perfect time to lean on your VILLAGE! By design, your village is there to lift you up when you are down, pick you up when you fall, and push you forward (supporting you from the rear)! Face your fears, eradicating them along the way.

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