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My why?

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

I have often been asked why did I become a health coach. There are a number of answers to that question. The most personal reasons are attributed to family history.

The seed to care for others was planted years ago by my late grandmother, a 20+ year dialysis patient who also had high blood pressure and was a double amputee. Also, by my late mother who succumbed to complications of diabetes while she slept. Being able to help others now that I am equipped with knowledge and fully know who I AM and what I was created to do, ‘Help People’ are my why!

Currently, not only am I helping my clients in their holistic health and wellness journey, I am also my wife’s care partner with her home hemodialysis treatments. Not only do I perform cannulation, lab draws, NxStage dialysis machine setup and breakdown assistance, I also am here to encourage her and make sure we eat and exercise our mind, body, and spirit properly.

The desire to help people burns because I have always felt set apart by the Creator because of the angels he placed in my life during critical moments when I felt I had no one. I am looking forward to helping YOU as your holistic health and journey partner in your life’s journey!


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