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Now You Have Options!

I hear you! I heard you! Many of you have reservations about tent camping for an entire weekend but want to experience nature, get some fresh air, and meet other like-minded people. A number of you said that you want to come spend some time at a campsite, look around, get a feel for what it's like. As a result of your feedback, I created Campfire Conversations.

This is an opportunity for people to come to a campsite, sit around a campfire, engage in positive, healthy, worthwhile conversations, roast marshmallows, roast hot dogs (or carrots), participate in adult games, and win prizes. It's all about fun and engagement. There will occasionally be special guests, speakers, vendors, and entertainment.

Be on the lookout for more information and announcements. Subscribe to the website or blog to stay in the loop.

Until next time, keep your eyes open; there is so much to see!

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