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Reasons Camping May NOT Be Your Thing...

  • If the thought of inhaling fresh air into your lungs does not appeal to you, camping is not something you should consider. The abundance of trees and greenery produce a quality of air that you would not find roaming the streets of a concrete jungle and just be be too FRESH for you.

  • If the idea of people watching, especially kids running around and playing, oftentimes with adults at a neighboring campsite annoys you, camping is not for you. Adults are often the 'kids' I've observed playfully chasing each other, tossing horseshoes, a Frisbee, fishing rod, cards, or dominoes.

  • If the thought of missing out on TV shows, doorbell rings, or the other distractions of home give you reason to pause, camping isn't for you. Getting away and out into nature is a pleasant distraction that would displease you.

  • If you prefer walls and windows to trees, sunsets or sunrise across the horizon, the ripples in lake from kayaks, or small boats or even ducks, turtles, or fish in a lake or pond…. Nature's amazing visual aesthetics is not your thing. Don't go camping.

  • If the concept of relaxing, I mean ultimate relaxation, without a care in the world stresses you out…you should not go camping (especially #Camping4Clarity).

  • If the beauty of the stars, moon, and reflection of the moonlight on the lake gives you anxiety, don't go camping. The night sky, while immersed in nature, is such a beautiful sight to behold.

  • If the sounds of nature, birds chirping, squirrels playfully chasing each other or gathering nuts, or the sound of a campfire burning dry wood is not something that interests you, don't go camping. Mother Nature's concerts in Dolby Surround Sound 2.0 is astounding!

These bullet points are recommendations from my camping perspective and should be considered IF you want to go camping. Better yet, if you want to participate in #Camping4Clarity, PLEASE by all means… take these things into consideration.

If your work week and life are a fraction of what goes on in my life… you NEED #Camping4Clarity!

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